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in Steigerwaldstadion with a capacity of 20,000. 23 Similarly the Cyriaksburg Citadel was damaged by the French, with the city-side walls being partially dismantled in the hunt for imagined treasures from the convent, workers being paid from the sale of the building materials. "Updated world map of the KöppenGeiger climate classification". Museums edit Erfurt has a great variety of museums: The Stadtmuseum (municipal museum) shows aspects of Erfurt's history with a focus on the Middle Ages, early modern history, Martin Luther and the university. The cathedral and St Severus' Church on its western side can be reached over the Domstufen, a wide flight of stairs. Today, it houses the German horticulture museum. The Willy Brandt Square is the southern gate to the city centre in front of the main station. Marien ( St Mary's Cathedral ) perches above Domplatz, the Catherdral square. It lies in the southern part of the.

He lived. Friedberg, Arthur; Friedberg, Ira (2009). Agriculture, industry and services edit Former factory building, now reused for services Anger 1, a big department store in centre Farming has a great tradition in Erfurt: the cultivation of woad made the city rich during the Middle Ages. Erfurt's old town is one of the best preserved medieval city centres in Germany. Archived from the original on 5 February 2016. Erfurt is an Oberzentrum (which means "supra-centre" according to Central place theory ) in German regional planning. Frank Palmowski (2015) First published 2013.