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applies to undergraduate, graduate students, continuing education students, fellows, medical or other interns/residents. 34 35 Dissemination Once approved, disseminating information to relevant parties is critical to the success of any policy. This is your first major hint that Jax has a personal issue with same-sex relationships. Of Educ., Questions and Answers on Title IX and Sexual Violence (Apr.

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While in Mercy's date line, the PC mentions that their family refers to the PC as male, but Coby will call the PC a lesbian during Remy's date line if they chose female pronouns at the club. Just look at him blush every time the player calls him "cute" or "adorable"! Finally, employee-student amorous relationships also carry administrative costs. 21 See,.g., Human Resources, Willamette University, Consensual Relationship Policy (Spring 2013) barring consensual romantic or sexual relationships between any Willamette employee (faculty, administrator or staff) and any Willamette University Student Denison University, Policy on Inappropriate Relationships between Students and Faculty, Faculty Handbook 109 (Oct. Featureless Protagonist : Neither the player's species or appearance are referenced by the other characters, although parts of them do show up during the sex scenes. (The second one being the player, of course.) Bland-Name Product : During sex treffen in Maulbronn on of the dates with Skye, you visit a video game store and the player character can look at and comment on several games with familiar sounding names, usually combinations of the names. 2, 2004 (romantic and/or sexual relationships). Ambiguous Gender : Lex, who identifies and dresses as non binary.

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