nice to see you dating

someone might say this, even though it is not the first time they have encountered or met the person.

I am fine, thanks. Pleased to meet you. I'm doing great, what about you? Before he gets there, he has an encounter with some unknown person on the street, say the two literary bump into each other, and one spills San Pell all over the shirt of the other. When the speaker arrives at the meeting, guess who is one of the new people he is supposed to meet there? They seem less formal than the infinitive phrases, but are natural to use in a less formal or informal setting. Haven't we met (before)? In some dialects, at least, one can also use these 'ing' phrases rather than the infinitive phrase. Nice meeting you. I am just great, and you? 2 it can also be used when the speaker has not seen or met with the hearer in a very long time (or what feels like a very long time).

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