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Only several hundred years later, under the Direct Capetian kings of France and their English contemporaries who held lands in France, did Salic law become a rationale for enforcing or debating succession. Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press. King William's niece, Victoria, ascended to the throne of Great Britain and Ireland, but the throne of Hanover went to William's brother Ernest, Duke of Cumberland. Dozens of manuscripts dating from the 6th to 8th centuries and three emendations as late as the 9th century have survived. Fraser (2006) Royal Flash,. . "The Salic Law, French Queenship and the Defence of Women in the Late Middle Ages". High Quality Webcams mit Vollbildfunktion und Sound! 14 or, another transcript: concerning terra Salica no portion or inheritance is for a woman but all the land belongs to members of the male sex who are brothers.