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were also a few special tools for the electrical equipment, the clutch and the propeller shaft. 2235 although it does not specifically mention the Montreal. The other end is nicely placed for connection to the battery input (white wire, contact 30) of the heated rear window relay (35). I recommend graphite emulsion for spark plug threads. 6 of the special tools for the 2000 air conditioner are also suitable for the Montreal unit and all 14 of the special tools for Montreal brake maintenance are shared with the 2000 and Giulia. A Montreal appears on the streets of Budapest in the Hungarian-made summer-comedy TV movie "Illetlenek" (The Indecents even though the film was shot in 1977 during the communist period. This model was fitted to other vehicles in the 1970s and replacements are still available. D or N) can be used as replacements for the "20 mm" version of the more expensive ATE components. 1643 for the English version; " Montreal: L'allumage électronique à condensateur diass. (top) Fuses At origin the two Montreal fuseboxes were fitted with 8 Amp fuses (2600.70501) in all 16 positions.

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Dedicated to the Alfa Romeo Montreal (1970-1977 Alfa s most exotic series production automobile ever.

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Kein Alter schützt Frau vor den gynäkologischen Fachkräften
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Note that with the capacitor discharge ignition system used in the Montreal, battery power is not available at terminal 3 of the ignition coils and the connection of any device there may cause damage to the transistor ignition units. Like the Montreal, the Brera prototype was a rear-wheel drive 22 GT luxury coupé, designed for a longitudinal Alfa Romeo 90 deg V8 engine. Transport Source Books Ltd published a print entitled "1971 Alfa Romeo Montreal" as part of "The Cutaway Collection". The.5.0174 wrench for the FCS castellated locking ring is difficult to manipulate without removing the air filter box but a simple FCS ring nut tool can be fabricated from a 40 mm length of tubing of internal diameter about 29 mm (28.5 mm minimum). ZF S 5-18/3 gearbox. In late 1972 Alfa Romeo issued a warning that when replacing the Montreal cam covers great care should be taken to centre them exactly on the cylinder heads. Since the stickers can deteriorate with age, a comprehensive set of self-adhesive reproductions has been produced by Dirk Hannelore Nehme. As this had significant impacts on performance most early cars were retrofitted through the after-sales network. This powerful coupé was marketed in Germany as the Alfetta GTV.6i V8 for DEM 50,000. After the modifications rebuild with the new lock and reset the adjustment screw as necessary before refitting the trim.

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