tenipuri dating ds

Kawamura Takeshi 064 Omoi Oishi Shuuichirou Oishi Shuuichirou 065 Yakusoku Echizen Ryoma. Welcome to tenipuri-United!* - a club dedicated to - Tenisu no Oujisama/Prince of Tennis!.: Updates 29/o9/2oo7, our 1st contest is finally out! I apologise but I had to split this into 5 separate downloads because the uploading kept conking out. If you want an earlier release just make a comment for it on one of the release posts and I'll try to get back to you shortly with an upload. Deadline: 1st December,2007.: Prizes.

Next on the list, quite possibly an 80 page Hyotei doujin. D Please settle down and watch the community. Advantage Hyotei, total pages: 55, part One, size:.97MB. Megane's Megane's Megane's 016 Manatsu no Megane's Megane's Megane's 017 KiraKira Megane's Megane's Megane's 018 cross with YOU Atobe Keigo Atobe Keigo 019 Gin no Ken Oshitari Yuushi Oshitari Yuushi 020 dadada Mukahi Gakuto Mukahi Gakuto 021 rise -Gekokujou Joutou- Hiyoshi Wakashi Hiyoshi Wakashi 022.

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Oishi, Kikumaru Oishi, Kikumaru 049 kabaji Atobe, Kabaji Atobe (Guest: Kabaji) 050 Spiral Oshitari, Mukahi Oshitari, Mukahi 051 Brand New Days Shishido, Ootori Shishido, Ootori 052 trick, fake, or truth Niou, Yanagi Niou, Yanagi 053 Rakuen e Chinen, Hirakoba Chinen, Hirakoba 054 stand UP Echizen. Once again, this scanlation team is made up of translators from other groups so the releases might come far apart but I swear we are all working as much as we humanely can. Advantage Other size:.63MB, link sex treff in Sulzburg one. I hope you all enjoy and please comment so we know our efforts aren't just a waste of time. Ouch.: Medium of Entry, pictures/Comics. Please refer to the privacy policy for more information. Spread the word and please watch the community as all public posts are just release posts so I guarantee we will not flood your flist. Single frame only (i.e. Just friend z all locked posts are staff only. Part Two, size:.68MB, parth Three, size:.11MB. The TeniPuri Fan-Artist Name List (out soon).: Affiliates.: Members tp-U!* is created by egushi. We really don't want to be monitoring our inboxes for memberships too.

tenipuri dating ds

I'm also your editor.
There are at least 3 dating games for Prince of Tennis.
(This game, the Gakuensai game with.
This is one of the many games in the Tenipuri series, in this game you play as a girl who just moved.
A fanpage made for Tenipuri and Tenimyu fans around the world!